butter block 25kg 82% fat

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butter block 25kg 82% fat

Product: Unsalted Butter (82% fat)

Packing: 25kg carton

Shelf life: 2 month

Fresh production

Origin: Poland 

Minimal order: 100 tons

MLEKOVITA, from a small co-operative, at the beginning of its existence (1928), grew to power - the largest Polish dairy group, both in terms of milk processing and sales of dairy products.

MLEKOVITA is the leader of Polish dairy industry and the most valuable brand of the production sector, a modern and innovative company in all areas of its activity.

Consequently, the company's development policy has led to the fact that the company now has 16 production facilities, 30 own distribution centers, including the first Cash wholesaler.

MLEKOVITA can boast a very wide range of products that it produces over 700. Among the rich assortment there are the following groups: Dutch, Swiss and English ripened cheeses available in blocks, cuts and slices; Smoked and ripened smoked cheese; Sliced ​​cheeses, melted cheeses available in various flavors and packages; Favita salad sandwiches; Natural grains and with additives; Mozzarella cheese; UHT milk of varying capacity and fat content; Pasteurized milk; UHT creams; Condensed milk; Flavored milk; kefir; yogurt; buttermilk; Curd and curd; Cream and cream, anhydrous milk fat (clarified butter); Butter and butter mix; Powdered milk and whey powder. MLEKOVITA is the only company in Podlasie that produces ice cream on an industrial scale.

The company has enjoyed the highest revenue growth rate in the dairy industry for years.

MLEKOVITY products are recognized and appreciated not only in Poland, but also throughout Europe and the world. The confidence of foreign consumers has contributed to the company achieving its position as the largest Polish exporter of dairy products.

The efficiency of management and the achievement of the financial results achieved each year, directly translate into a permanent increase in brand value. It is also important that the MLEKOVICIE idea of ​​Polishness, which as a company with 100% Polish capital, effectively implements and proves. With great success, it introduced innovative, natural - with undoubted health benefits to products called POLSKIE.

The strategy of promoting Polishness through the production of Polish products, supported by the POLISH sub-market, undoubtedly influenced the current, highest position of the brand in the market.

Careful observation and analysis of the market have determined the directions of development and strategy for the company. MLEKOVITA is one of those companies in the competitive business world who have been able to spot and exploit their opportunities by launching new products.

Coming to meet the expectations of consumers, the Cooperative annually introduces a new assortment of products that are recognized by consumers and numerous prizes, such as prestigious titles in consumer research (Consumer Choice, Discovery of the Year, Product of the Year, Best in Poland, Best Quality, Polish Manufacturer Gold medals of prestigious domestic and foreign fairs, recognition of business experts (eg Solidna Firma, Pillar of Polish Economy), and international awards (eg Polish Export Leader, Outstanding Polish Exporter, Export Mister, European Medal).

Production processes (from raw materials, through their processing to distribution and sales) take place in MLEKOVITA Cooperative by Integrated Management System: FSSC 22000 (equivalent to BRC and IFS), ISO 9001, ISO 14001.

The quality policy pursued by the company is oriented both on the business processes as well as on the needs of the customer.

Raw materials and packages are obtained only from verified suppliers, which guarantees uniform and reproducible quality of products. For this purpose, the company also conducts physico-chemical and microbiological studies of raw materials and finished products in its own accredited laboratories, equipped with state-of-the-art laboratory equipment.

Taking care of the environment, MLEKOVITA conducts a rational management of raw materials together with optimization of water and energy consumption and minimization of pollution and segregation of waste. As the only one in the dairy industry, it also has a state-of-the-art gas-fired combined-cycle power plant that can reduce CO2 emissions and reduce water consumption.

As a leader in dairy production, the company conducts extensive campaigns promoting the consumption of milk and milk products. These include not only large-scale marketing campaigns to increase the popularity of MLEKOVITA products and brands. Every year, the company is the organizer and partner of many fairs and cultural events. "World Milk Day in Poland".

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